Andrew Glenn

Andrew Glenn was born in Derry-Londonderry in 1981 and now works and lives in Belfast as a freelance creative artist, painter, sculptor, technician and writer. After graduating with a degree in Fine Art Painting from Norwich school of art and design in 2004, he lived in London, Luxemburg, Slovakia, and the Republic of Ireland before returning to study in Northern Ireland, graduating with a masters degree in Fine Art from the university of Ulster in 2014.

“I’m rather interested in visual relationships between all aspects of my work and how objects react differently to one another. Memories, timelessness and a sense of longing are key themes in my practice and I’m interested in raising questions of modem day life and conventional social systems. My practice aims to draw connections between painting and sculpture through subject matter and aesthetics, with colour and composition being key focuses. I often deal with comic or cliche subject matter and I’m particularly concerned with themes of history, romanticism, disillusionment and underlying notions of the post war era and political unrest.”

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