Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen is an artist probably best known for her watercolour renderings of friendly shop fronts and elegantly proportioned Georgian doors.

Graduating from the University of Ulster in 1984 with a degree in Visual Communication Barbara pursued a career in illustration, publishing books way back in 1987 & 1988 and for over twenty years regularly contributed artwork to the UK magazine Country Living.

Recent years have brought about opportunities to experiment with other techniques and subject matter: to revisit traditional skills such as linocuts and a return to the pleasures of large scale graphite pencil drawings of unlikely objects-ancient lawnmowers, Barbara currently occupies the “Green Pod” as one of the pivotal artists at Project 24 in Bangor, Co. Down.old wood saws, Aran jerseys and pond yachts.

One review read ” …. here is an artist who can paint buildings, stone and brick, slate and plaster, all rendered with consummate ease and delicious texture”.

The coastal theme has prevailed in the last decade and watercolour has remained the chief ingredient in the mix.

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